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Individual & Family

When it comes to insurance you can get the bare minimum or you can get the appropriate level of coverage to protect your family and your possessions.

Homeowner's Insurance

protects against losses to your house and personal property.  It provides for temporary living expenses in the event you have to move out while repairs are underway, and it covers many types of damage or injury to others for which you, the homeowner, may be liable.  You should know the difference between an "all risk" policy and a "named perils" policy, as well as the importance of having "replacement cost" versus "actual cash value" coverage.  These concepts can make a huge difference in the amount of money you receive when you file a claim.

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Dwelling Fire Insurance

is the correct policy form for those who rent their property to others. It is similar to a homeowner policy in the building coverage it provides, and usually does not include much personal property (contents) coverage – the renters of the property get that for themselves.

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Renter's Insurance

provides protection for personal belongings for people who live in rental properties. The renter's coverage also provides some protection for your belongings when they are in your car (auto insurance pays for damage to the vehicle, not for loss of contents).

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Condominium Insurance

owners are not normally responsible for the outer walls or roof of their buildings, as the condo association usually covers those. Condominium insurance is similar to renter's insurance, except that it also covers additions and alterations. This coverage fixes and/or replaces things that are attached to the walls, ceilings and floors in the event of a covered loss.

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Automobile Insurance

Protects you against losses involving autos you own, as well as autos you rent or borrow.  You may be tempted to shop for insurance solely on the basis of how much premium you will pay, but you should also make sure you have enough of the right coverage.  For example – if you carry $25,000 in property damage coverage, and you hit someone else's brand new Mercedes, your policy will not have enough coverage to pay for the damage.  Who do you think pays when your policy comes up short?  YOU DO!

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Motorcycle Insurance

may not inflict as much property damage as automobiles when involved in an accident, but bodily injury to the rider can be considerable. Motorcycle Insurance can provide important PIP and uninsured motorist bodily injury protection, in addition the standard comprehensive, collision and liability coverages offered in most auto policies.

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Watercraft Insurance

is for your personal watercraft – be it a jet ski, small ski boat, fishing boat, or a 26-foot cruiser. You’ll need to insure your watercraft in case you're in an accident or your watercraft is stolen. The coverage protects damage you cause to other boats, and to the people injured in them. It can also protect your boat and passengers from people who do not carry adequate insurance of their own.

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