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Life & Health

Running your own business or working for a company that doesn’t offer health insurance? Try us! We can find you individual, family and business plans. We can help you even if you think you can’t get insurance

Health Insurance

is not something you want to be without, since one catastrophic illness or accident could wipe out the family finances. With or without previous medical history, you CAN get insurance. Understanding how much coverage you need, and how you intend to use your plan (ie, for major issues only, or for every bump and bruise that happens?) is an important step in selecting the right coverage.

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Group Health

coverage is not just for large companies. If you have two or more participants, and at least 75% of eligible employees are on the plan, then group coverage may be right for your company. And did you know that most group plans offer more than one plan option?


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Life Insurance

What is your most important asset? If you think about it, the answer is “your life”, and yet most people take care of auto and home insurance before addressing life insurance planning. Simply put, Life Insurance provides for your family when you are no longer here to do so. It can pay for college, pay off the house, and leave a nest egg for those important to you. Get this done!

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