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No obligation! After receiving your policy quote, should you choose not to go with us, you have our word that you won’t be inundated with sales calls.

What if . . . You could quickly get quotes from numerous insurance providers to easily compare policies and rates? You had access to a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs? Quotes came with an insurance advisor who explains complicated terms and scenarios?

As independent insurance advisors our team at Community Insurance Advisors serve as your local, one-stop insurance consultant. We work for you, not a large insurance company.

Save time by not having to contact each insurance provider separately.
Save money by having access to better values for your insurance dollar.
Our expert advice and connections help you get the right coverage to protect your family.
Risk mitigation is our goal so you can feel secure and protected. We will match you with the best level of coverage and rate to meet your insurance needs and risk level.
Consistent, personal relationships. Even if you change provider policies, as independent agents we continue to be by your side. Depend on us.
We offer experience with changing insurance needs for new life stages, navigating claims, and understanding the insurance market.
Less pressure. Since independent agents can offer many insurance products to choose from, you won’t be pressured into one that isn’t the right fit. 

We get the right policy for your situation.

Bad things can happen to good people. Make sure your insurance will protect you in the event of a major mishap!   

Slippery, Then Debt?

One of our clients had his Jacuzzi serviced by a contractor who did not carry workers comp insurance. A high school summer intern for the contractor got hurt during the repair at the client’s house, resulting in $35,000 in medical bills. The contractor filed a liability claim against the homeowner’s insurance policy, which protected the homeowner (paid the claim and handled the legal defense).

The takeaway is this—be careful who you let into your home to do repairs. What coverage do they have in place to protect you if something goes wrong? We can advise you on the right coverage for your property.

True stories hot tub

There is real value of working with an independent, trusted, experienced insurance advisor.

John Allen and our team at Community Insurance Advisors strive to fix those broken practices. Our mission is to provide a customer experience that truly fits what YOU need—delivering customized programs with honesty and integrity and setting a new standard for our industry.

We are here to make sure your company, home and/or autos are protected correctly—and that you have a clear understanding of what you are paying for.

John Allen, President
John Allen, President

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