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Think about how most insurance is sold today.  Companies want you to focus on how much you can save on your insurance premium if you use them.  But how much do they tell you about the coverage you are getting for the premium you pay?  Most people are confused about what coverage they have, and how much they need.  And calling the insurance company to ask can be intimidating and/or confusing.  You ask yourself “Who can I trust?”, and without having a feel for what questions you should ask, you decide to buy the cheapest policy you can find.  And so the insurance companies give you what you “ask” for – cheaper premiums.  Then when you have a claim, and call and find out you are not covered, they ask if you read your policy.  Have you ever met anyone who has actually read their policy?  They know you won’t either.  Is that really when you want to find out if you are covered – after you have a claim?       

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would simply take the time to truly listen to what you are asking, and then give you a reliable response that explains your alternatives to you?  And not try to sell you something you simply don’t want or need? 

We believe in the real value of working with a trusted insurance advisor – and are committed to doing our part to correct the broken practices of our industry.  How? 

  • Do you ever feel like you don’t really have time to properly shop your insurance?  We can do that for you, both as a new client prospect, and as an existing client when your renewal comes up.  We will present you with the coverage level we recommend (and why), at the best price offer from among our array of available companies.  And if you don’t like what you see, or simply feel like going elsewhere, we will respect that decision and not harass you to purchase your insurance through us.    
  • Do you ever want to ask your agent a question, but you never hear from him/her once you’ve signed up?  Or maybe you signed up online, and now have no idea where to direct your question?  As our client, you can ask us … that’s why we are here!  We will explain your coverage, and your alternatives, in language that does not require an insurance license to understand.
  • Have you ever called your insurance company to ask a coverage question, and then found out later that they reported that call as a claim?  Did you know that the number of claims (whether they are paid out or not) – not necessarily the amount of claims dollars – goes a long way in driving up your premium?  Our clients call us first to understand their deductibles, and how the claims process works, and then decide how they want to proceed. 

Our mission is to provide a superior customer experience – delivering customized programs with honesty and integrity.  We hope you will give us the opportunity to do that for you!