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Texas Community Insurance Advisors

Community Insurance Advisors

TDI License Numbers: 1926304/1381618

A good insurance agent will take the time to ask you about your home, autos and/or business, then help you understand how best to insure them. Captive agencies only represent one company – and their policy options may or may not be the best fit for you. An independent agency, like ours, works with many companies, and can present you with proposals that best match your specific coverage needs at competitive prices. What can you expect from us?

  • We are your one-stop shop for your home, auto and business insurance, and partner with some excellent providers of life, health and financial services.
  • We act as your personal consultant – helping you understand as much as you want to know about what coverage options you may wish to consider, and let you choose based on your own preference.
  • We do not believe in badgering people about their insurance. Our interactions are easy to understand, professional business discussions. The proposals we present either work for you or they do not – and if not, we both simply move on.
  • When you want to file a claim, we ask that you contact us to help you make sure you have everything in order, then help you get the claim started.

Something Interesting - Did you know that the top CAUSE of property loss is wind/hail, and the MOST COSTLY on average is from fire? (Source: Insurance Information Institute, 2008-2012 statistics)

Something Else – The largest percentage of contents claims involve jewelry. Is your jewelry covered? (Source: Insurance Information Institute, 2008-2012 statistics)

Did you know that when you call your insurance company directly to ask whether you should file a claim, often times you just did? Whether you wanted to go through with it or not? If you’re not sure what to do, call your insurance agent!