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Workplace Incidents Happen: Are You Covered?

One of our new clients, a large contractor, had never carried workers compensation coverage, even though the business had grown to over $10 million in annual revenue.

Shortly after getting coverage, an employee fell off a ladder while climbing to the second story roof. Between medical costs and legal fees, the cost of that claim was several hundred thousand dollars. Having coverage protected the company from the significant financial loss caused by such a large claim.

Let us help make sure you have the right coverage for your business.


It Could Never Happen to Us! (Famous last words)

While very rare, extreme things do happen. Be it a 100-year flood, a swarm of locusts, or even a pandemic, there are coverages you can get to protect your business and home from the unthinkable.
Recently, a small rural internet service provider experienced an extreme event. The company had leased space on a local cell tower—and the entire cell tower was deliberately knocked down, including their internet equipment.

While most of us would understandably think of this as an act of vandalism, extenuating circumstances led the carrier to label this event as terrorism, which fortunately was covered in his policy. Beware though, depending on the carrier that writes your policy, acts of terrorism may not be automatically covered—and the impact of such an event to your business could be catastrophic.

Let us help you think about a plan for the extreme, no matter how unthinkable it seems.   

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Prepare for Everything—Then Prepare More!

You can have all the coverage you need to protect you from your mistakes, but what happens when someone else makes the mistake—and isn’t properly covered? For instance, consider Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorist (UM/UIM) coverage.

A financial advisor friend had a client who was involved in a not-at-fault accident resulting in serious bodily injury to the client’s family, caused by an uninsured driver. The family had minimum limits of Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI) coverage and was therefore out of pocket for a large portion of the resulting medical bills.

A significant percentage of accidents involve UM/UIM drivers and this inexpensive addition to your policy can protect you from a real financial loss. Let’s talk about the options available to you.


Could an Empty Pizza Box End Your Business?

Even in a low-risk work environment, you never know when a surprise claim will pop up. Recently, an employee at a pizza franchisee told her employer that she hurt her back while lifting an empty pizza box (we are not making this up) at work. The franchisee got his workers comp carrier involved to deal with the “injury” so that he could go about with running his business.

Could your small business survive a financial hit of a couple hundred thousand dollars? We specialize in helping small businesses protect the business. We’d love to help you too.

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When Lightning Strikes

A new client called our agency to get a homeowner’s insurance quote after a bad experience with his prior carrier. The month before he had called his insurer asking if he had coverage for lightning because his air conditioner stopped working during a thunderstorm.

Even though a claim was never filed, the carrier reported the call as a claim event—resulting in a 30% cost increase for his next policy. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to advise him on how to use his agent to help him save money.

If your agent isn’t aggressively working to protect you and your interests, they are costing you money. And the price of your coverage shouldn’t go up just because you called your agent to ask a question. Let Community Insurance Advisors help protect you.


Slippery, Then Debt?

One of our clients had his Jacuzzi serviced by a contractor who did not carry workers comp insurance. A high school summer intern for the contractor got hurt during the repair at the client’s house, resulting in $35,000 in medical bills. The contractor filed a liability claim against the homeowner’s insurance policy, which protected the homeowner (paid the claim and handled the legal defense).

The takeaway is this—be careful who you let into your home to do repairs. What coverage do they have in place to protect you if something goes wrong? We can advise you on the right coverage for your property.

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Let us help you feel protected by your insurance policy. Get the right advice.

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