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In today’s fast paced world we always seem to be short on two things—time and money. For many of us, insurance is one of those things we try to get checked off our “to do” list as quickly (and inexpensively) as possible. Rarely do we spend as much time as we should understanding what a policy covers, or what the true impact will be if you have to file a claim. The results of this approach can be catastrophic.

Knowing what risks you face, and clearly understanding how insurance can protect you from financial loss is critical to protecting your fiscal future. After a serious discussion about your situation and needs, we will advise on the proper coverage to protect the things most important to you.

And be cautious of online insurance companies that promote cheap coverage and you never talk to a licensed agent. While you may save a few dollars, there is no way to make sure you get the proper coverage. Portals that are easier/faster/cheaper are great for some things—like buying a pizza.


All policies are the same.


All policies are not the same. Your needs for protection are unique—your coverage should be as well. Too often we hear from new clients, “Why didn’t my previous agent help protect me? I thought I was protected, and I wasn’t.”

Insurance for Families and Individuals


Dwelling coverage includes protection for buildings (and for things that happen to people when they are in those buildings), which can include:  

  • A house that you own and live in (a homeowner’s policy)—this may be your primary residence, or possibly a vacation home
  • A house that you own, that someone else occupies (a dwelling fire policy)—sometimes also called a landlord policy

It is important to have the right policy for your situation. A homeowner’s policy is not the right policy if you rent your house to someone else. Good policies cover you for wind and hail, for various kinds of water damage, and for fire—these together are the three most common reasons to file a claim. Does your policy cover you for all of these things?


Renters insurance is different than dwelling coverage. When you are not responsible for the dwelling structure, but still have personal belongings to protect there is a less expensive type of policy. What happens if your apartment or rental home is lost to a fire or weather event—how would you replace your furniture, clothes, electronics and comic book collections?  Talk to us about an affordable possessions policy.

Autos, Boats, Recreational Vehicles

One quick distraction can lead to a traffic or boating accident—now what? Make sure you have enough coverage in place to:

  • Pay to fix your car if the other party hits you is uninsured. This happens a LOT more often than you might think—and the cost for this coverage is very reasonable.
  • Pay for the other party’s expensive car and/or injuries

Bad things can happen to good people. Take the time to make sure your insurance will protect you in the event of a major mishap!   


An umbrella policy (sometimes referred to as an excess liability policy) can increase your liability protection for you and your dwellings, autos and toys. When should you consider umbrella coverage? Do you have a pool, or a teenage driver in your household? For a relatively small premium, you can get $1 million (or more) to cover things like pool accidents, or injuries you or a family member may cause to others in a car accident. There may be other reasons why additional liability coverage makes sense—let us know if you have questions.  

Need to protect your business or home? Had a bad experience? First time homeowner?

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