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We believe in the real value of working with a trusted insurance advisor—and strive every day to correct our industry’s broken process

John Allen has spent 15 years in an industry he believes is broken—because of how companies sell insurance and how businesses and individuals shop for insurance. The insurance companies lure customers in with the promise of cheaper policies and leave the responsibility for figuring out what coverage is actually needed up to the consumer. Many times,  customers lack a clear understanding of what they are buying. The result? Too often, people buy cheap and only understand what is truly covered when they have a claim that is denied.

That is just wrong.

Community Insurance Advisors is built to fix those broken practices. Our mission is to provide a customer experience that truly fits what YOU need—delivering customized programs with honesty and integrity and setting a new standard for our industry.

We are here to make sure your company, home and/or autos are protected correctly—and that you have a clear understanding of what you are paying for.

Community Insurance Advisors

TDI License Numbers: 1926304/1381618

Core Values


Reliable • Helpful • Persistent


Accountable • Honest • Professional


Knowledgeable • Inquisitive • Thought Leaders

John Allen, President
John Allen, President

For commercial or cyber policies
contact John Allen

Nicole Clayton, Agenct
Nicole Clayton, Agent

For personal lines (home, auto)
contact Nicole Clayton

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