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What Should You Look for in a Good Homeowner’s Policy?

Get an “All-Risk” policy—NOT a “Named Perils” policy.

An all-risk policy covers everything except what is specifically excluded in the policy. Under an all-risk policy, the burden is on the insurance company to prove that the peril causing the damage is not excluded; otherwise, coverage applies.

A Named Perils policy covers only what is specifically noted in the policy. When coverage is written on a named peril basis, the burden is on the insured to prove that one of the named perils caused the loss.

Get all applicable water endorsements, including:

Coverage for slab leak

Water back-up

Seepage, sudden/accidental leaks

Flood—in some cases you may want flood coverage even if you are not in a flood zone

Make sure you have Replacement Cost coverage—NOT ACV coverage

“Actual Cash Value”—a depreciated settlement for coverage that usually gives you around 30 cents on the dollar

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