Insurance industry broken

The Insurance Industry is Broken

Our company is big on correcting the “broken practices” of the insurance industry. Maybe that sounds a bit arrogant—it’s not meant that way. It’s actually part of our company culture, our “why”. So what’s “broken” about an industry where you can get a quote, and a policy, in minutes?

There is a lot wrong with that actually. Think about why we get insurance—to protect us financially from unavoidable things that can happen to us, like car accidents, or windstorms, water leaks and fires at our residence. Like so many areas In our busy lives, people often opt for the easier/faster/cheaper insurance solution. It’s just human nature.  

And here’s where the problem comes in. Insurance companies know that given the opportunity, most of us will take the easier/faster/cheaper route. So they build their online portals and never have to meet us in person. But it also means they don’t really get to know us and to understand our needs. They are all about selling as many policies as they can. They expect us to read our policy, and understand, what is covered (and what is not). And let’s see a show of hands—who takes the time to actually read their policy? Many more people have heard a friend say, “I’m so mad at my insurance company because my policy didn’t cover “x”, than have ever tried to read a policy.

Online portals that make for an easier/faster/cheaper transaction are great for some things—like buying a pizza.

When it comes to protecting the biggest asset you may ever own, you owe it to yourself to get insightful, educated advice from an experienced professional that you can trust. At Community Insurance Advisors we pride ourselves on building custom policies that provide the coverage you truly need.

Community Insurance Advisors—A different way of doing insurance.

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