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Top Insurance Myths

I am always surprised about some of the misconceptions there are about my industry, so this month, I thought I would address some of the biggest insurance myths I’ve heard.

The Top 3 Myths About Insurance

Myth #1

Insurance will cover anything that happens to you. WRONG.

All insurance policies tell you what is covered, and as importantly, what is not. You should understand where coverage gaps are before you buy.

Myth #2

All insurance policies are the same. WRONG.

The amount and type of coverage you get is up to you. The coverage choices you make matter. If you are not having a conversation with an agent about how much and what type of coverage you are getting, then you are doing yourself a real disservice.

Myth #3

All licensed agents are qualified to help you. Technically True, but….

The sad truth is, not all agents are created equal. In fact, the failure rate for licensed insurance agents is frightening—roughly 90% of all new agents fail within the first two years.

Do your homework—work with a company that has a track record of handling claims well, and one that employs qualified and professional insurance people. Do these things, and insurance will be your friend. 

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